10 Lovely Yet Affordable Gift Items for Her

If you have an anniversary coming up or your wife’s birthday is around the corner, you know expectations are high. Everyone gets excited about these special occasions, and expect that their spouse will come up with a gift befitting the occasion. However, the realities of life can sometimes make things hard, and some people may be unable to decide about what to gift their loved one. Now, no one said that to express your love you have to spend all your savings on jewelry and other expensive gifts.

If you can find inexpensive wedding bands, then it is possible to find a cheap but meaningful gift every single day. It is the thought that counts, and if you let your creative juices flow, you can find an impressive gift without needing to spend a ton. In this article, you will get affordable yet brilliant gifting ideas you can use to show your love. Read on.

1. Historical Tour

No, you will not be catching a flight to the pyramids in Egypt nor to the ruins in Mexico. Instead, you will trace your dating history through a romantic tour. Try to remember all those places you visited while you dated your spouse and create a tour around them.

Every couple has those special places where memorable moments happened, and you can surprise your spouse with an elaborate tour down memory lane. The nostalgic moments are worth the effort, and surprisingly, you do not have to pay through your nose to enjoy the day.

2. Homemade Chocolates

Buying specialty chocolates at a confectionery is romantic but when on a budget, you can still present her with special homemade chocolates. The recipes are available online and all you need is a baking sheet, candy and an oven. It is a romantic gesture that your partner will appreciate and remember for a long time to come.

3. Hometown Tourism

It is a fact that your partner expects a dream vacation on a special occasion. However, this might not be possible if you live on a budget. However, you can come up with a romantic tour of your city by checking out those out-of-the-way attractions that she probably does not know exists. Go for lively activities and have fun during the day. In the evening, cap it up with a dinner for two and you can bet she will appreciate the gift idea.

4. Signature Scented Candle

For a long time, scented candles were used to express love between spouses and affordable varieties of these scented candles are available at most stores. The internet offers incredible varieties of these romantic candles and you can surprise her by wrapping the gift and placing it in a unique place where only she will find it.

5. Car Décor Surprise

On a special occasion when she expects a surprise, write a message on her car and top it off with an affordable gift. It might not seem much but the effort that goes into such planning will touch her in a big way.

6. Breakfast in Bed

When short on cash, you need to think hard to get things going. While Breakfast in bed may look like a standard romantic idea, you can ramp things up with a love-themed breakfast. You can cut a heart shape out of bread or cook an egg into this heart-shaped hole. Pick her favorite fruits to accompany the spread for breakfast and she will love the surprise.

7. Handwritten Letter

Letter writing is slowly dying but if you want to surprise your partner with a cheap gift on a special occasion, you can still use this old art. A handwritten letter in the mail listing all the reasons you love her will sweep her off her feet and you can bet your partner will have a great day. It is a keepsake and yet it will not cost you.

8. Help With Her Least Favorite Chore

There are those chores your partner detests yet they need doing. You can surprise her by waking up early and completing the chore on her special day. In fact, this is a great idea any time you want to lift her spirits and express your love for her.

9. Watch a Movie Together

The idea of a movie as a romantic gift will never get old. When you watch a movie that she loves together, this will go down as a memorable moment in your journey of love. Now, do not make the mistake of picking the movie you love. Instead, go for a movie that your partner would love. You can then cap night after the movie with a romantic dinner or a home-cooked meal.

10. Massage Night

Women love a massage, especially when it is given by their lover. Now, you might not have any idea about how to give a massage, but you can learn quickly and find the items you need.

Make sure you prepare early and set the mood before she arrives home. Set a romantic tone in the bedroom and use scented candles and scented massage oils to get things going. This will turn out as one of the most memorable gifts she ever received from you. Make sure you focus all your attention on her and touch those areas you know she loves and you can bet the night will end on a high note.

There are other cheap but romantic gift ideas and you only need to get creative to make them work. Look for inspiration online and personalize the ideas you find to suit your partner’s taste and liking. You do not have to break the bank to find a romantic gift for her after all.

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