What to Consider When Shopping For an Eternity Ring

Finding true love in modern society is not easy and most people struggle through life trying to find this elusive gem. If you are among those who are lucky enough to find your better half, it is important to appreciate them always. Even after marriage, you need to rekindle your love by celebrating every milestone consciously. From birthdays to wedding anniversaries, you can rejuvenate your love through well thought out gifts.

Now, eternity rings have been around for centuries and they are a symbol of eternal love. The Egyptians used these rings to signify commitment between lovers, especially those who were married. The round ring symbolizes endless love and devotion. Today, you can gift your partner an elegant diamond eternity ring to express your undying commitment to your marriage and to celebrate your love as well.

Diamond eternity rings serve their purpose correctly because the precious stones on these rings have traditionally come to symbolize romance. Diamonds are one of the most beautiful yet durable gemstones. This makes them the perfect choice for an eternity ring. If you have been looking for the best idea to celebrate your love on a special occasion, it is time to consider a dazzling eternity ring.

More about Eternity Rings

Since the earliest days, love has always fascinated man and it is for this reason that so many symbols emerged to represent it. As far back as 2000-1800 BC, the Egyptians used eternity rings to represent an undying commitment to a relationship. The continuous circle of the ring represents continuity in the relationship. This concept is still used today.

Eternity rings are now standard in relationships and most couples exchange them during weddings and on special occasions such as anniversaries. It is a fitting gift to mark a wedding anniversary and it can rekindle the fire in your relationship. A diamond eternity ring is a versatile gift that carries a lot of meaning and one you can present during any occasion.

Your spouse can wear the eternity with their engagement and wedding ring or opt to wear it on a different finger. By choosing an elegant and indestructible diamond ring, you will send a message that your love is equally beautiful and long lasting.

How to Shop For an Eternity Ring

Now that you appreciate the importance of an eternity ring, it is time to start shopping for one. Well, it is not easy especially if you want to pick a diamond eternity ring. There is so much you need to consider to ensure that you find the best ring and more importantly, get good value for the money you spend buying it. Some of the factors you need to consider include:

1. Set A Budget

If you decide to buy a diamond eternity ring, make sure you set a budget before you set out to shop for one, and stick to it. Diamond jewelry is expensive and you will come across many beautiful pieces on the market. If you start shopping without a budget, it is easy to make a wrong choice. Look at your finances and set a realistic budget. It is easier to find the best eternity ring when you have your price in mind.

2. Consider The Types Of Eternity Rings

There are two types of eternity rings:

i. Full eternity rings: These feature small stones arranged all-round the metal band. It is a thicker type of eternity ring due to the small stones, preferably diamonds. While this is the more popular option, you will have a hard time if your partner needs to resize it in the future.

ii. Half eternity ring: This type of eternity ring has small gemstones paving on half of the metal band. For a diamond eternity ring, the sparkling stones rest on the top half of the ring. These rings are more affordable than full eternity rings and you will find it easier to resize them in the future.

3. Choose The Best Diamonds For The Eternity Ring

The quality of the diamonds you choose for your eternity ring will determine how good the piece looks. You might have the best design in mind for the ring but if you choose poor quality diamonds, the overall appearance will not look great. Learn about the 4Cs of diamond quality. These are the Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat weight of a diamond.

The Cut is the most important aspect to consider as it determines the sparkle and brilliance of the diamond you choose. Carat weight refers to the weight of the diamond and has an effect on its size. Clarity is not very important as most diamonds have some flaws that are not visible to the naked eye anyway. For the color, choose a diamond that will add to the elegance of the eternity ring, based on the metal in which you wish to set the stones. Common diamond shapes to consider include round, oval, princess, or even radiant-cut among others.

4. Choose The Ring Metals

After choosing the diamond, consider the metal you want to use for the ring. You have to consider durability, the color of the metal, its impact on the brilliance of the diamonds, skin friendliness and ease of customization. Common types of ring metals include platinum that is durable and hypoallergenic, white gold, and yellow gold. Remember to ask your jeweler for a simulation of the final ring to help get the best metal.

5. Choose The Right Ring Setting

The ring setting will depend on the other rings your spouse already has for all of them need to complement each other. The most popular settings include channel setting, prong/ Claw-set setting, bar setting, bezel setting, gypsy setting, tension setting, cluster setting, the Tiffany setting, pavé setting, and halo setting among others. You have to choose the one that suits your spouse needs the best, based on the other rings they already own.

Customizing diamond eternity rings is now popular as couples look for the perfect gift during special occasions. Go ahead and use these tips to gift your partner a memorable piece.

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