Why Couples Should Shop for an Engagement Ring Together

Why Couples Should Shop for an Engagement Ring Together

The world of engagement rings is frightening for most men. In fact, mustering the courage to go down on bended knee and popping the question is far much easier than the hassle of shopping for the perfect ring. Statistics show that grooms take about three months to buy a ring and this is a period saddled with stress and frustration. You have to decide the stone and color, ring design, appropriate metal, ring setting, where to buy and so much more. In essence, grooms dread the prospect, and there is also fear of the ring not meeting their partner’s liking. Well, a 2016 study now shows 42% of grooms take advice from the bride in the ring choice. Shop for an engagement ring together is now taking root but many grooms still can’t decide whether it is the best way to do things.

If you are in the market looking for that dream engagement ring, you have the option of taking along your bride. Before deciding to shop together for the cheap engagement rings, you have to weigh the pros and cons of such a move.

In this article, you will get invaluable insight into the advantages of a shop for an engagement ring together and how best to do it.

It is Empowering

This is a new age where you have to view everything through a gender equality mirror. The idea of buying a ring for the bride has traditionally been the groom’s responsibility but things have changed. By deciding to bring along your partner for the shopping experience, they will feel empowered. It is a chance to treat your spouse as an equal in the relationship. Your partner will request for your input in other aspects of the nuptials including the wedding cake, wedding gown among others and expects the same from you when making any decisions related to your relationship.

Less Shopping Stress

Shop for an engagement ring alone is one stressful experience, and anyone who has been through it will concur. You have to secret research, talk to your partner’s friends, hop from one store to the other, learn about the complex 4Cs of diamonds, ring styles and so much more.

There are also scams to avoid, color hues to consider, body shapes to consider when choosing a ring style and all this adds to the stress of buying the dream engagement ring. Bringing your spouse along makes things easy. She knows her favorite precious stone, metal, ring design and you will find the whole experience less stressful.

Your Partner is the Expert Here

Truth be told, most men know nothing about a unique diamond ring, and this is one reason they dread the whole affair. Of course, no man wants to accept the obvious, and in many cases, they end up ruining an otherwise perfect proposal with a poor ring choice. You can avoid all this by letting your partner do the choosing, after all, she is the expert when it comes to jewelry.

It is Her Finger, So Her Ring Choice

An engagement ring is an important piece of jewelry and this is why most women wear it permanently. It is thus a good idea to allow her some say in the ring choice. Imagine choosing a ring that doesn’t impress her and she has to wear it for the rest of her life? It is not the best way to start your life together. You can summarize the need to shop together for an engagement ring by simply saying; it’s her finger, her ring.

For the Perfect Pick

Buying an engagement ring is a once-in-lifetime experience and the ring you buy must turn out perfectly. The only way to get it right is by involving your partner in the shopping experience. You might do all the research and find out what she supposedly loves but the choice you make might still fall short. The easiest way out is bringing her along for the ring buying experience.

Opportunity to Bond

Buying an engagement ring is not a one-day experience, and as such, you can reduce the anxiety and stress by bringing along your spouse. It is a great opportunity to bond and learn about each other. The number of things you never knew about your partner will surprise you. Next time you need to buy your partner a ring, the process will be much easier. You will have fun and enjoy the eye-opening journey into the world of jewelry.

Well, it is obvious buying engagement rings or diamond anniversary rings together has a plethora of advantages. It is romantic and a great opportunity to bond. You also have a better chance of finding good value for money in the ring you buy. By taking your partner along for the shopping experience, you will show that you value her input and this is something she will appreciate. If you still want to surprise your partner, you can compromise by involving the bride in the decision-making process to guarantee you find the best ring. You can show a few pieces and ask for her opinion. Once you know her preferences regarding the precious stone, ring metal, color, and design, you can go ahead and build a ring from scratch. Add a few symbolic aspects about your relationship into the design and her reaction to your proposal will surprise you.

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