A Closer Look at the World of Diamond Promise Rings


A Closer Look at the World of Diamond Promise Rings - dazzling rock

Diamond Promise Rings

Irrespective of whether a person is young or old, anyone who wears a diamond promise ring will swear by their elegance and utility. Available in many designs, they are worn for a variety of reasons and are different from engagement and wedding rings.

Traditions say wedding rings and engagement rings are worn on the 4th finger of the left hand. This is because there is a vein that runs directly from this finger straight to the heart. The presence of these rings signifies comfort and eternal love. Worn with passion by couples of all ages and from different walks of life, they are available in a plethora of designs and styles.

Wedding bands and engagement rings have existed for centuries, but what do we know about promise rings? Promise rings date back to older times when solemn promises were made and kept by wearing metal bands and other such rings. The tradition continues on to today. Be it exquisite diamond rings or the simpler ones made of silver or other inexpensive metals, the reason for wearing them remains the same – to remember and fulfill a given promise.

What are Promise rings?

Though they may seem unnecessary or superfluous to some people, promise rings are very popular for the role they play when making a commitment. For couples in love or those planning to get engaged to be married, diamond rings symbolize a transition from dating to getting engaged. They are generally exchanged before diamond engagement rings find their way to the fingers of those in love. In the broader sense of the word, promise rings symbolize a commitment or devotion in the hearts of couples. However, these rings are not mere tokens of love. They are also exchanged by high school friends to remain in touch forever; given by parents to their children as chastity rings (to remind them of their promise to abstain from pre-marital sex), or worn to express a passion or commitment.

Diamond promise rings are used to signify promises and opinions when words fall short. There is a deeper meaning to exchanging these rings than what meets the eye. Sometimes, an elegant promise ring is a physical symbol of romantic connections; it portrays the promise of two people being there for each other at all times. It may hold the underlying oath of faithfulness, sacrifices for the purpose of maintaining relationships or performing actions in a manner that enables better choices for both. For whatever reason — be it for furthering the cause of education, stacking up finances, or simply because they are too young to get married or commit themselves to marriage — wearers don diamond rings to point out to something they eventually want in life.

Then, there are others who have no intention of getting married ever. They probably think that the concept is archaic or getting tied down for a lifetime is passé. When such people find themselves in a relationship that’s significant for their happiness, they may choose to exchange promise rings to freeze their current status of togetherness. In other words, with the meaning of love and dating changing like never before, and people taking their relationship with an open mind, the importance of the symbolism that promise rings offer is rising with each passing day.

How did promise rings come into being

The concept of exchanging promise rings for the purpose of symbolizing affection and care is not an out-of-the-box idea produced by wearers from the current generation. It dates back in time. The first definition of conventional promise rings, that is similar to the modern promise rings these days, had come to the fore as early as 1576. A posy ring was a popular promise ring that was exchanged by oath-makers in the 16th century. Posy rings had originated in England and were named after the lines engraved on them from romantic poems or familiar short messages.

In the later centuries, say the Georgian and Victorian eras, the promise rings that gained prominence were known as acrostic rings which contained colored gemstones that were arranged to spell out secret messages. For example, the word “love” could be spelled by putting lapis, Opal, verdelite, and emerald sequentially on the ring. The first alphabet of the name given to each stone created the acrostic. As time passed, couples in love, but not having the financial backing to commit to marriage, start a family or buy a home, started exchanging metal or promise rings to show their future intention. Also, in the event of a person not affording an engagement ring or a wedding ring, he would offer a simple promise ring in the form of a placeholder. Here’s an interesting fact. Women started presenting promise rings to men only around the 20th century. Before that, it was just the other way around.

Other meanings attributed to promise rings

Even though it has become fashionable to ascribe just about any meaning to promise rings, there are some well-known reasons that wearers may want to be aware of. For instance, there are certain women who like to exchange promise rings for expressing the platonic relationship that they share with each other. Quite akin to wearing half-heart necklaces or friendship bracelets, affordable diamond promise rings depict personal reasons like no other. These rings could signify an aspiration or goal as well. Sometimes, they present the religious beliefs of wearers to the world; or act as a symbol of a certain achievement, an important event, or any celebration – there is no end to the list that states the reasons for buying and exchanging promise rings.

Are Diamond promise rings different from other rings?

Though promise rings set with diamonds or other precious or semi-precious stones may serve any purpose you desire, they are generally used to exchange promises of romantic love. In most cases, they fulfill the need for a pre-engagement ring. Additionally, although the terms “purity ring” and “promise ring” are used interchangeably, they have noticeably different meanings. Purity rings, or the more commonly known chastity rings, have an altogether different meaning to their name and are largely related to personal sentiments and religious beliefs. Diamond promise rings are more expensive than their other counterparts and are exchanged for all the above reasons (and more) in line with the budget of buyers.

Diamond promise rings for you

Your decision to purchase the best promise rings would hinge on many factors, the most prominent being:

1. Your budget

2. Nature of relationship

3. Individual style and preference

4. Your sense of fashion

5. Choice of metal and gemstones, birthstone rings or mosaic of gemstones, etc.

Popular promise rings for a lady would feature infinity symbols or heart shapes. If you intend gifting one to a female friend, colleague, loved one or a special someone, you may want to find an appropriate ring that has a sense of feminine beauty and speaks well about the promise you intend to make. Hearts and infinity symbols are timelessly elegant and ageless; they symbolize your devotion and eternal love through intertwined designs, two-tone / three-tone gold rings, etc. On the other hand, the promise rings fit for men may have modern twist designs or present something more classic and subdued through silver gemstone rings.

Last word

Diamond promise rings, purity rings, pre-engagement rings, commitment rings, etc. – There seems to be a lot on the racks when it comes to choosing the right one. Overall, promise rings are used mainly as a symbol of commitment. As their name suggests, they richly signify the in-depth meaning and essence of the promise being made. The reason for buying and wearing these rings may differ from one individual to another and extends to much more than simply sharing bills or doing homework together. Though promise rings studded with or without diamonds do not carry the same significance as engagement or wedding ring sets, they are not to be treated lightly. There are no guidelines or rules suggesting the right amount that needs to be spent for gaining these rings. Also, there are no wrong or right ways of gifting these rings – they may be exchanged or given on anniversaries, birthdays, as Valentine’s or Christmas gift, etc.

Last but certainly not the least; which finger should promise rings go on? Well, it’s entirely up to you to figure out the right finger for the purpose. What’s more? If your fingers are full of other rings, promise bands can be worn around the neck on a chain – after all, the idea behind wearing these rings is to make and commit yourself to a promise.

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