Would You Like To Express Your LOVE? Diamond Promise Rings Are The Right Choice

A gesture of love speaks more than a thousand words. This is also true for unique diamond rings and jewelry crafted with diamonds, such as promise rings. Certainly not an outdated gesture, diamond promise rings are now available in many forms, both online and offline. Here, we help you know a little more about these beautifully crafted rings that are often referred to as “pre-engagement rings.” These fine pieces of art and craftsmanship will help you pledge your love to significant others in your life in more ways than one. Contrary to popular belief, wherein promise rings are known to be exchanged only between lovers, these rings can be given to friends and other important people in life with a promise that says. “I care!”

Diamond Promise Rings

Diamond Promise Rings

Ring That Reminds Promise

Yes, be it between parent and child, student and teacher, brother and sister, college friends, or couples who are intending to get married some day, promises are meant to be kept. What can be better than sealing vows with the help of personalized promise rings crafted with diamonds, sterling silver or gold? One of the most popular reasons of gifting promise rings, especially by lovers, is to script a promise to abstain from pre-marital sex and care for each other in the best possible way. Whatever be the reason or motive of exchanging beautiful promise rings, they are one of the most traditional means of establishing trust and making people stay together for a lifetime. Overall, promise rings remind two people of the promise that exists between them on just about anything.

More often than not, lovers are always on the lookout for grand gestures for professing their love towards each other. Here, a diamond promise ring is considered as a big step and serves as a constant reminder of their promise of being together. Ideally, these rings are worn on the left middle finger or the right ring finger so that they are not confused with diamond engagement rings or other regular engagement rings. Promise rings, if worn with trust, always showcase huge commitment.

Couples who are young, but in a committed relationship, often buy promise rings in sterling silver online to gift to their partners. These jewels define their love for each other and also freeze upon a commitment that they will get engaged at the opportune moment or when they are financially stable. In certain cases, these rings also allow young lovers to plan their big day without getting stressed about job promotions and other family commitments. These promise rings in gold, promise rings with diamonds, silver promise rings, promise rings with gemstones, etc. are the way forward for more than just those in love. In fact, they are coveted items purchased by couples who would like to wait until marriage is in the offing and they are ready to do the ring thing. It’s perfectly understandable that promise rings do not point to marriage and are not to be confused with wedding rings or bands. They signify simple gestures of love and ensure that things are very cordial between the giver and taker.

For some people, the act of presenting a promise ring varies with age. In other words, they believe that though such rings are acceptable for young lovers and friends, those in their twenties, or serious about getting into a relationship, should rather save for a diamond engagement ring. Promise rings, whether they are expensive or inexpensive, can really be in the form of any ring. As long as they look attractive and meaningful, buyers may go ahead and invest in one without thinking twice. In a nutshell, promise rings depict serious but romantic gestures. You may like to buy promise rings online at reputed jewelry stores after going through their designs, shapes, settings, sizes and other attributes.

For young people, the entire concept of promise rings may be completely new. But if you go back in times, you will know that such rings were used as symbols of commitment or the promise undertaken by royal and common people alike. The idea is to understand the history of classic promise rings and align it with the contemporary meaning and approach towards promise rings. Also, it is essential to know that they are quite different from classic engagement rings or diamond wedding bands, and in more ways than one.

Diamond Promise Rings

Diamond Promise Rings

A closer look at pre-engagement rings or promise bands suggests that they are but simple pieces of jewelry that are often exchanged to signify committed, monogamous relationships. These rings symbolize purity and state that the wearers agree to remain celibate till the marriage rites take place in future. The various styles of promise rings include, and are not restricted to, rings with gemstones rather than precious diamonds, rings that flaunt heart designs, promise rings in yellow gold, diamond rings with semi-precious stones, and more.

Though these rings may not be as expensive and impressive as gemstone engagement rings, they go a long way in sealing promises, and how!

In current times, the significance of promise rings is described in more ways. More often than not, it defines the following:

  1. Friendship: Sometimes, good friends exchange promise rings to seal their commitment for being there for each other, till eternity.
  2. Monogamy: These rings are a symbol of mutual commitment for remaining monogamous in a relationship.
  3. Chastity or Abstinence: Also called “purity rings”, they are presented by parents to their children and symbolize the commitment for remaining celibate or substance-free till they get married.
  4. Pre-engagement: These rings are most popularly exchanged as a commitment to relationships that are headed towards an engagement.

Rings that are specifically designed for these and other related purposes are now being purchased by people of all ages and varied walks of life. Over time, they have become coveted possessions that are no longer confined to lovers or those waiting to get married. Linger no more and get ready to seal the promise that you intend keeping with this kind of ring, you will be happy you did.

So, what do you have to say about diamond promise rings? Do you consider them as a sweet romantic gesture or would you rather invest in more valuable engagement rings later on? Do let us know what you think!

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