Is Purchasing Mid Century Rings A Good Idea?

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The rings purchased in the middle of the 19th century are considered classics today. Even at that time the three stone rings were considered one of the ancient artefacts, and they had great symbolic representation. There have been many replicas and many small scale business lure the customers into buying the replicas making them look like antiques. So, too know about them and keep in mind that they are real is very important. A detailed inspection of the rings as well as trusted metals and the four C’s will help you to make sure the purchase is authentic and real.

Some basic set of instructions to keep in mind while making selection of antique three stone diamond rings are:-

Make sure you measure the ring band before you make the purchase. Knowing the size of the rings will always go a long way. If you are making a gift purchase then make sure you carry any old ring that can match the size.  The rings that have too many decorations or if they are complexly made then they might not be size friendly.

Make sure the price of the ring is feasible. Always buy the ring from trusted jewellers and if you have any doubt about the authenticity of the ring always visit or get it appraised from other jewellers and make sure have authenticity certificate from the jeweller.

Also make sure you take care of the regular servicing of the product and calculate the overall cost of the maintenance. The reason to do such is because all the products have different aspects when it comes to taking care of them. Gold and diamond require different care then platinum or metal rings. Antique jewellery products have different method of cleaning so make sure you chose the relevant one. Keep the maintenance in check.

While making purchase of the antique rings make sure to keep in mind the four C’s. Keep in mind the diamond cuts, the shapes and the authenticity. So, make sure you know the choices of your partner and make the purchase accordingly. Talking about authenticity, the weight is also an important factor to judge the trueness of the diamond.  The size of the diamonds affects the price and it also defines the time constraints in which the diamond was formed and helps to define the authenticity.

The clarity of the diamond in the antique ring is also very important and helpful. The clarity helps you define the authenticity of diamonds as well as the price and any professional appraiser under the microscope can give such details. The clarity also helps to define how old the diamond is. The reason being the old diamonds was cut by hand and the new ones are done in machine so there is always difference in the look and feel.

Last but not the least, the older or antique diamond had an extra C in the line up. It was for the Character and the ring associated with it. Character is all about the detailing associated with the ring and it derives that if it was made in the same age that they say was made. After all it is about about the taste of the individual. Still antique item are always a great addition to the jewelry box. And Yes! If the diamond and ring are authentic then purchasing the antique ring is always recommended. Good Luck!

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